Progress to date

Bursaries for Tertiary Education

1. Bursaries for Tertiary Education

In 2005 seven students were awarded full bursaries and only one in 2006. In 2007 ten top students were awarded bursaries or R20 000 cash.  One of our 2005 students was awarded a bursary by the university after passing first year with distinction. In 2006 PEU Investment sponsored one other second year student.

Seven students have been awarded bursaries in 2008 and six R2000.

2. Support culture of teaching & learning

  • In 2007 three best performing educators were awarded lap top computers with mobile internet connection to both recognize their contribution and provide them with additional tools to support their teaching endeavors.
    Four educators were awarded with lap top computers with mobile internet connection in 2008
  • The principal of the best performing high school (Alexandra high school) was in recognition of her leadership awarded a laptop computer with mobile internet connection and a all expenses paid holiday for her and family in Cape Town.
  • In 2008, the principal of Alexandra high school and her two deputies the principal of East Bank high school were given cash prizes and a voucher to a spa
  • In recognizing the best performing High School (Alexandra High), renovations are currently underway with the support of the donors to improve both the security and physical conditions of the school.
  • The perimeter wall in Alexandra high school was erected to improve security. Broken windows were replaced and all classrooms painted to improve the learning environment. A programme to continuously clean the school will be finalized with the SGB and the learner representatives.

3. Sponsoring  two Grade 8 learners annually

Due to limitations of funding, no progress has been made. This objective will be address in the 2008 programme.

4. Networking and support opportunities for the beneficiaries of the Trust

Monthly meetings and regular telephonic engagement to check on progress, provide assistance and information. Student workload has constrained regular meetings.
Currently  assisting graduates with  learnership opportunities 

5. Volunteer network to participate in and support community development initiatives

Initiatives in the areas are being investigated. The support and partnership with donors is critical in this area.